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Commercial Auto

Driving has made our world feel much smaller and more widely accessible. This works wonders for our businesses and makes transportation easy and, in most cases, necessary. 

Just like any other component of our businesses, we want to make sure that we (and our assets) are covered when we are on the road. Regardless of who is driving or what product is being hauled, it is important to make sure you have coverage.

"What if I or one of my employees is in an accident with a truck full of product for our market stand?" 

"What if all of my product that I had in the truck is a total loss?

"A few of my employees were injured in the work van on the way to a job, who is covered and for how much?"

Coverage for accidents involving your business, your workers and your work vehicles can be difficult to understand and it can certainly be worse if you do not have competent agents working for you.  

Do not find yourself asking questions about what coverage you have after an accident happens! Call us today to learn about your coverage options and to find out what is recommended for your business by insurance professionals.

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